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Active in the publishing world since 1995, I'm an expert in getting your story out to the masses. I am proficient in writing, editing, and online marketing, having designed and developed several web sites, launched and marketed email newsletters, co-authored a book, and contributed numerous feature articles online, in newspapers and in magazines.

Travel is my passion and I specialize in family, fitness, entertainment, and adventure travel in North America. As a homeschooling mother of two, I also focus on edutainment - travel is the perfect way to bring learning to life. Skiing, hiking, and outdoor adventures are high on my list of "best ways to spend time with the family."

I share my adventures at 100 Routes Across America. One of my goals is to drive every original US highway in the United States. In 2015, I was chosen for Travel Channel’s Panel of Advisors for their Best Road Trips feature. I am also a regular contributor to Traveling MomShe Buys Cars, and Netflix Life Additionally, I curate travel and entertainment news, opinions, and photography at

I live in New Jersey, but my heart is in Lake Tahoe.

Writing specialties: Travel, skiing, running, fitness, adventure, cars, entertainment, personal development, homeschooling, educational travel.

For a list of my recently published articles, please see my travel planning page!

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