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Active in the publishing world since 1995, I'm an expert in getting your story out to the masses. I am proficient in writing, editing, and online marketing, having designed and developed several web sites, launched and marketed email newsletters, co-authored a book, and contributed numerous feature articles online, in newspapers and in magazines. My online platform reaches more than 100,000 viewers per month.

Travel is my passion and I specialize in family, fitness, and adventure travel in the United States. As a homeschooling mother of two, I also focus on edutainment - travel is the perfect way to bring learning to life. Skiing, hiking, and outdoor adventures are high on my list of "best ways to spend time with the family."

My goal is to drive every original US highway in all 50 states in America, sharing my adventures at 100 Routes Across America. I am also a regular contributor to and

I live in New Jersey, but my heart is in Lake Tahoe.

Specialties: Travel, writing, skiing, running, fitness, adventure, personal development, homeschooling, educational travel.

For a list of my recently published articles, please see my travel planning page!

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